About German Lighting Products

German Lighting Products has established a reputation as the largest, most innovative stage lighting, manufacturer and distributor around the globe. GLP is supported by visionary dealers nationally and internationally — United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Asia and Sweden.

We are Our world class services celebrate a reputation as the leading Wholesale Stage Equipment manufacturer/distributor on the planet.  This includes capabilities that support world class concerts and theatrical productions, lighting some of the biggest talent in the world.  We are the leading manufacturer for Stage Lighting and Effects

GLP national and international team of dealers around the globe has staffed visionary technicians, light design consultants with skills by state of the art GLP standards to customize and light your exhibition needs at the highest level.  We have a portfolio with cutting edge vision specializing in innovative, cost effective lighting, design and equipment at wholesale opportunities.  Find your nearest German Lighting Distributor by clicking on our Dealer Locator

German Lighting Products’ state of the art portfolio speaks for itself.  We’ve supported lighting and design for Off-Broadway to Broadway plays including the Tony Award winning play “Be More Chill”, working with light designers such as Tyler Micoleau.  We pride in lighting concert tours such as the European tour of the American Rock Band, Papa Roach

Whatever your stage production, design, equipment and fixture needs, our portfolio will support at the highest level, and if our portfolio does not, we’ll customize and create for your needs.  Whether your needs are soft colorful backlight with innovative fast, tight beams to highlight your onstage talent, name it, we do it—box boom positions to color scenic portals in conjunction with video projection. Give us a call for all your Wholesale Stage Lighting needs.

Whatever your equipment needs – Truss, Truss Covers, U-Torm, Clamps, Tower Systems, Power Supplies and all accessories, name it, we got it or we will build it.  GLP is the leading Concert Light Manufacturer in the world. 

Whatever your presentation – Concerts or Theatre, we take pride in taking your audiences to another place equal to our out of this world portfolio.  Get in the spotlight with us. Your show, your business and your satisfaction is crucial to our continued reputation as the best in the world. We love partnering with all Stage Light Distributor.Proving you with the most creative and innovative, and cost effective display for your entertainment presentation supported by ultra quality lights, equipment and consultation.  GLP shines by the light of our reputation. Let’s light your show up!