Accommodates various cable sizes. SNAP can hold cables of many sizes, from single core, up to standard Socapex multicore. Time and cost efficient, one of the many smart things about SNAP is that it is highly robust and completely reusable.

SNAP brings with it huge benefits to your cable management, from the time and cost saving of having to secure your cables with E-tape or zip ties, to having nice clean lines when your setup is complete.

As well as not having to worry about cleaning adhesive residue from your cables once you get back to the shop. Not only does this make it an environmentally sound solution for cable management. But it is also cost effective, normally paying for itself within a single show.

Convenient, Non-Scratch Design

SNAP is available in a variety of colors allowing easier management and identification of different cable types (lighting / audio / video etc.) when run in the same areas.

SNAP also provides a handy way of putting wire rope around a truss cord, but without damaging the cord itself, and ensuring that the wire rope stays in place. A handy cutout has been designed into the product to allow for this specific use, adding further to its capabilities.

Using a non-scratch design that won’t damage painted trusses. SNAP is also available in multiple colored options, along with the standard silver, to match in with custom color schemes.

SNAP is designed and manufactured in Germany and distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by GLP.

Snap Dimensions

length x width x height

2.25″ x 2.75″ x 1.7″  (5.7 cm x 7 cm x 2.75 cm)

  • Note that the plastic is flexible and dimensions will change to fit truss during use.
  • Snap is available in the colors silver, red, blue, green and yellow.