GLP to Show Extended X5 Series at Prolight + Sound 2023

GLP to Show Extended X5 Series at Prolight + Sound 2023 Wednesday April 5, 2023

With the release of the impression X5 wash light, German manufacturer GLP – German Light Products provided one of the most high-profile product launches of the past year. Since then, designers around the world have praised the outstanding color quality and color mixing with the special GLP Lime, as well as the excellent output across the entire color spectrum.

At this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt (25–28 April), GLP will showcase various extensions to the series at their booth (12.1 C30/31). As different as the devices are, they all share the unique X5 features. In addition, they can be seamlessly combined with each other to help users achieve even greater consistency in terms of colors and white light.

X5 Compact already available
In the winter of 2022/2023, the impression X5 Compact was launched as the first addition to the series. Equipped with seven powerful 40W RGBL LEDs, GLP’s new iQ.Gamut color algorithm and a super-fast 16:1 zoom mechanism – which allows a penetrating 3.5° parallel beam as well as a homogeneous wash of up to 60° – the X5 Compact achieves the same high X5 standard in a significantly smaller form factor with a weight of only 16.5 lbs.

X5 Bar 1000 and IP Bar 1000
GLP’s new X5 IP Bar 1000 will also be available in larger quantities following the trade fair. The IP65-certified, linear LED tilt bar is equipped with 18 40W RGBL LEDs. It offers a large zoom range and the iQ.Gamut color calibration algorithm, which produces perfect white spectra with excellent color reproduction. The new square lens design enables innovative light curtains in the narrowest zoom range of only 5°, as well as an even and homogeneous color distribution in the wash up to 70°.

The identically equipped sister model, X5 Bar 1000, for indoor use only, will also be on display for the first time.

X5 IP Maxx: Something big is coming!
A special highlight of the GLP stand this year is sure to be the new X5 IP Maxx – a new wash light with 37 LEDs in X5 specification that packs a punch – which will be shown in Frankfurt as a late version prototype. Suffice it to say the name says it all here… and visitors are strongly urged to drop by the stand and see for themselves.

The new X5 color mixing with iQ.Gamut color algorithm also found its way into the new IP65-certified FUSION X-PAR 18 Z, which is based on the X-PAR 12 Z launched in 2022. Equipped with a 180W LED engine (as opposed to 120W for the X-PAR 12 Z), the new model offers more power from an almost identical form factor.

On the product side, there will be a number of new items to experience. As far as the stand concept is concerned, this will be based on the successful GLP formula, with the usual inviting hospitality area as its hub, meaning the GLP stand is expected once again be one of the social hotspots at the fair.

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