HTFmediserv Chooses FUSION X-PAR 12 Z

HTFmediserv Chooses FUSION X-PAR 12 Z Thursday June 8, 2023

Thomas Füllengraben is back on the market with HTFmediserv GmbH & Co. KG. Top-class trade fair projects—supplemented by the new business area of digital solutions—are now the focus of the new company. At the end of 2022, the company invested in 48 of the new, weatherproof X-PAR 12 Z LED spotlights from FUSION by GLP for both the rental and project business.

It was in early summer 2022, that a visit by GLP drew Thomas Füllengraben’s attention to the weatherproof (IP65) LED fixtures, which were optimized for color mixing and light quality. Although another device was actually the focus of his interest at the time, Füllengraben said, “We talked for a long time about the JDC1 and especially the impression X5, which I was really excited about.

“Then in the autumn there was a project at the InnoTrans for which I was looking for static LED spots that would offer something more than the standard effects. This was when GLP brought the X-PAR 12 Z into play. Although it quickly became clear that the products could not be delivered within the time frame, my interest was definitely aroused.”

The FUSION X-PAR 12 Z is a modern, weatherproof, and low-maintenance LED spotlight with good color mixing and light quality. It generates a light output of up to 2,520 lm with a CRI of 80+ from a single 120 W RGBL COB LED with Fresnel optics. The well-known, highly praised iQ.Gamut color algorithm from the new impression X5 Series has also been integrated, which offers perfectly calibrated white points and excellent light quality. Combined with a generous zoom (8° to 52°) and a 190 mm front lens, various lighting options can be realized to create a variety of powerful looks.

“The X-PAR 12 Z immediately impressed me with its zoom and the great color mixing facilities, enabling both precise white tones and nuanced color accents to be realized on surfaces. The fact that it is also IP65-certified is the icing on the cake, which vastly increases the possible uses.”

After the devices were delivered at the end of November, they were used for the first time at the ‘Southern Lights’, where they illuminated the southern bridge in Cologne as part of a local winter festival.

In the meantime, Thomas Füllengraben has fulfilled another wish and ordered 25 impression X5. Together with the 48 FUSION X-PAR 12 Z, they increase the stock of GLP products, which also includes JDC1, impression X4 Bar 20, and FUSION Stick FS20.

“GLP is an enormously innovative manufacturer—and innovation is definitely also in demand in the trade fair sector, especially with regard to features such as color fidelity, installation options, and weight,” concludes Füllengraben.



Photo credit: Thomas Füllengraben

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