AHM Extends GLP Investment for Major Hong Kong Shows

AHM Extends GLP Investment for Major Hong Kong Shows Tuesday November 3, 2015

Lui_Fong_by_BK_Chow_Design_Creation_Ltd_1450One of GLP’s longest serving customers in the Far East, Hong Kong-based AHM Engineering Co. Ltd, has increased its pool of impression X4 moving head LEDs with the addition of a further 48 fixtures.

This takes their inventory up to 138 pieces — and tasked with providing lighting for two back-to-back concerts by Hong Kong legend Lui Fong at Hong Kong Coliseum they also made their first investment in the new impression X4 Bar 10 battens.

According to Michael Münz, general manager, GLP Asia, 84 of the impression X4 and all 24 new X4 Bar 10s were pressed into service. “AHM has been one of our best and most loyal customers since we started operations here in 2010,” he said. “They purchased their first batch of 120 RZ back in 2010 and since then they have constantly reinvested in GLP equipment — including more than 60 Spot Ones — and placed their first order for 60 x X4 back in 2013.”

Lui_Fong_by_BK_Chow_Design_Creation_Ltd_1362AHM’s own Stephen Hui and Ben Chau were responsible for the lighting design of Lui Fong’s shows, with stage design by BK Chow from Design Creation Ltd.

Speaking of the many benefits the X4 gave him, Hui, stated, “They are compact, lightweight and their power consumption is low. As to performance they offer a wide range of zoom angles, deliver a wide color spectrum and their positioning is precise.”

“The impression X4 wash also has a wide zoom range, a great palette of color and is extremely bright. As for the X4 Bar, I am pleased with the sparkle starlight effects made possible by this fixture — it’s so impressive.”

Founded by Mazon Chan in 1996 AHM Engineering Co. Ltd has steadily grown into a full sound and lighting production house, with an office in mainland China. They also carry out shows in Macao and support clients on tours throughout Asia and occasionally US. Mazon remains ‘hands-on’ and could be seen working the FOH sound desk for Lui Fong’s shows.

Lui_Fong_by_BK_Chow_Design_Creation_Ltd_1523Determined to keep their inventory at the cutting edge, AHM had carefully assessed the features and look of the X4 Bar 10 — factoring in the GLP reliability and support and service they have come to expect — before making the investment decision. “They were impressed by the performance and flexibility of the X4 Bar when I demoed it to them for the first time,” reports Michael Münz. “They particularly liked the zoom range — especially the narrow punch — and individual pixel control and the accessories such as the asymmetric filters and smart rigging system.

“At the Coliseum they were set between a classic orchestra which proves how silently they must be running. As for the X4, this was mainly used for the audience lighting and they did very well in painting the whole arena in nice warm colors.”

In conclusion Mazon Chan confirmed that GLP probably offered the best and fastest support of any lighting manufacturer operating in Hong Kong. “We have enjoyed a very close cooperation from the first day and Michael always goes the extra mile to offer enhanced packages, programming and set-up assistance where necessary to ensure the production values of our shows remain first class.”

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