Market Responds Overwhelmingly as GLP Launches Unique impression X4 L

Market Responds Overwhelmingly as GLP Launches Unique impression X4 L Tuesday September 29, 2015

impression_X4L_clear_1The large pre-order numbers for GLP’s impression X4 L have established it as an instant success — almost before it arrived in production inventories.

The features that are really capturing the imagination are the pixel mapping capabilities of these 37 high power LEDs, as well as the newly redesigned zoom, which delivers ultra-fast operation from 7° to 50° apertures. As for color saturation, these RGBW quad color LEDs provide both a broad pallet and a crisp high intensity output.

An additional feature for the X4 L is an inbuilt accessory holder that can both set an indexed position or rotate continuously. Built to house beam shapers and other effect filters, this option adds an extra level of versatility in beam control.

Rounding out its comprehensive feature set, the impression X4 L offers smooth full range dimming (with no color shift), as well as electronic strobe functionality, variable color temperature correction, and 16-bit pan and tilt control … all in the sleek baseless design that has become the signature of the GLP impression range.

These were all features that impressed PRG, who placed a first order for 300 of the fixtures, showcasing them at the Eurovision Song Contest before moving them directly to the high profile IAA automotive Mobility, Transportation and Logistics Show in Frankfurt.

Further into the domestic market, dry hire specialists Conrad Licht & Rigging Support have also added a large quantity to its inventory.

Stated GLP CEO, Udo Künzler, “The response from those companies and LDs requiring raw LED power and a creative palette which will enable them to pixel map has been overwhelming.”

Over in the States, where the new fixture has also hit the ground at high speed, GLP Inc. president, Mark Ravenhill adds, “What makes this fixture so unique is firstly the full pixel mapping control — enabling any kind of pattern or lo-res video effects to be run across it — and the ultra-fast zoom mechanism, which almost snaps from one extreme to the other. Finally, the beam shaper accessory built into the fixture will enables a further optical accessory to be added in, which can then rotate. Many of these features are in direct response to market demand.”


More information can be found on the impression X4 L web page

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