Scene Change Invests in GLP Volkslicht Zooms

Scene Change Invests in GLP Volkslicht Zooms Wednesday March 13, 2013

Scene Change, Australia’s #2 AV company, have added a dozen GLP Volkslicht zoom LED moving head fixtures to their lighting stock. The GLP Volkslicht zoom combines the best technology features with the footprint and weight of a small and unobtrusive fixture.

The fixture has a motorized zoom, changing its beam size from 10 to 26 degrees, whilst maintaining a strong output.

Scene Change Invests in GLP Volkslicht ZoomsWe needed a small moving LED fixture that was fast and had a zoom,” commented Vicken Hekimian, Scene Change Sydney Director. “The GLP Volkslicht zoom was bright, fast and compact plus it was provided by Show Technology who supply great after sales support and have always been very supportive of Scene Change. Having Show Technology as the supplier gives us a lot of confidence in the product.

All of Scene Change’s purchasing decisions have to meet the following criteria: it needs to be excellent quality, be able to be installed quickly, be reliable and be fit for the purpose. The GLP Volkslicht zoom meets those demands and more.

The price was attractive too – the purchase price versus the rental return is great,” added Vicken. “They’re quick and easy to install which is a priority for us as usually we have very limited time to set up a show and have short deadlines. We need a reliable fixture that is easy to transport, can install easily and is quick to set up. These weigh only 8kg each and four of them quickly pack away into a small case.

Often the venues that Scene Change work in have low ceilings and larger moving head fixtures tend to look obtrusive and aesthetically wrong.

Scene Change Invests in GLP Volkslicht ZoomsThe Volkslicht Zoom uses 60 Luxeon Rebel LED’s in an RGB configuration to give a broad mixing palette of colors from its primary saturates, through to the more subtle pastel shades.

The color mixing is very good and the dimmer curve is great.” remarked Vicken. “Plus it has a white mode which can be useful.

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