Solaris+ Chandelier created for German Festival

Solaris+ Chandelier created for German Festival Saturday November 6, 2010

At this year’s SonneMondSterne-Festival, the Solaris+ by G-LEC found its premiere in a highly creative and impressive design.

G-lec Solaris+ 500 linesThe 14th edition of the SonneMondSterne-Festival (‘SMS’) took place in the Thuringian city of Saalburg in Germany. Every year, thousands of visitors feel the lure of the festival for electronic dance music at the Bleiloch dam in the peaceful town of Saalburg. The entire lighting and video equipment at the “Main Circus” was provided by the event services agency HELI-Show equipment this year.

The “Main Circus” is the biggest marquee of five altogether at SMS. Among others performing, there were DJ stars like DJ Rush, Ellen Allien, Miss Kittin and the Turntablerockers who all performed at the turntables during the event. Their performances were supported by an extraordinary creative lighting and video installation in the middle of the marquee, with the Solaris+ LED system from G-LEC making its global premiere at the center of it all.

Designer Uwe Heinrich created a chandelier which had a diameter of more than 12 meters consisting of 64 ropes of Solaris+, each with a length of 8 meters. The Solaris+ allows for every sphere in the system to be addressed individually via a DVI video signal to create stunning effects, and this installation didn’t disappoint.

Solaris + is a totally flexible video content system of low resolution spheres with full 360 degree viewing. Assembled in strings, the flexibility of the system allows designers full creative freedom in both the configuration of the system and the pixel spacing within it. From a flat 2D curtain, to a full three dimensional center-piece as created by Uwe, Solaris + allows inspired designs to come to life.

At the SonneMondSterne-Festival, video content with saturated color shades which moved to the fast beat of the music were programmed. The partygoers at the festival highly enjoyed the lightshow, and the colossal chandelier above them became an entrancing center point for the entire festival.

Along with the Solaris+, Uwe also used 96 GLP impressions to light the Main Circus with a show that was programmed to combine with the video content perfectly.

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