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    Want your audience to have the ultimate concert- and theater-going experience? Then pick the trusted industry leader for your lighting needs. After all, the success or failure of the performance not only depends on the performers but also on the equipment.

    When you choose German Stage Lighting Products, you’re taking the worry out of your lighting production needs. We want your production to be memorable, and GLP lives and breathes by the mantra, “Our success depends on your success.” For this reason, GLP has become the industry leader in creating the ultimate audience experience.

    We are the leading wholesale staging equipment distributor and manufacturer in the world, and also are a leading provider of aluminum Cosmic Truss products.

    When Producers Need the Best They Order GLP

    At GLP, we do everything in our power to make sure that your production becomes legendary. Our obsessive attention to detail is why the most successful concerts and theatrical productions have used our leading high-quality and innovative LED lighting technology.

    We don’t take lightly our reputation as one of the leading stage equipment distributors and manufacturers on the planet. That’s why we deliver each and every performance. Our TUV rated truss along with full load capacity technical drawings will guarantee you product quality and durability.

    Global Leaders of Stage Equipment & Light Production

    Our company consists of the most artistic and visionary consultants on the planet. There is no customization plan that cannot be implemented.

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    Take Your Stage Design & Equipment Needs To the Next Level!

    German Light Products’ world class portfolio speaks for itself. We’ve supported lighting and design for top concerts and theatrical productions, including the Tony Award-winning Broadway play, “Be More Chill.” Whatever your stage equipment needs, we consult and customize your equipment needs, taking it to the apex of your artistic visionary realization.

    Whatever your equipment needs, GLP has it. From moving heads to Truss rain covers and air domes to a wide range of stage effects and static fixtures, GLP creates everlasting memories.

    Moving Heads:

    Moving Head lighting is used to create an ambiance or mood for an event & as its mentioned moving heads, it can be easily focused anywhere. Moving lights transform a wall or other area from plain to color. They can be static or moving, and groups of them can be used to light a staging area with different colors. They also have different levels of brightness and are used for dance floors or other large areas. The strip or bar lights have a longer length than width and are used on dance floors.

    Truss rain covers

    Truss Rain Covers are very important equipment for outdoor events. If you don’t want to ruin your party then you must apply truss rain covers. GLP having the exclusive range of rain covers which is very unique design and movable. Our large truss cover series gives the best possible protection in any kind of weather. They provide superior rain and moister protection; they are not just water-resistant. They are extremely tough and can provide years of service under normal use.

    Innovative Air Domes promise significant energy savings

    The innovations are an air purification system, designed to cope with the high air pollution.

    Stage Effects

    Make a dramatic, energizing, and animating stage enlightenment. GLP lighting impacts and items present you with a wide assortment of ground-breaking, trustworthy, and simple to-utilize devices. This enables you to light your stage like a master. Regardless of whether you are searching for emotional or over the top apparatuses, SLB offers a decent variety of choices—just to make your show increasingly alive!

    Static fixtures makes amazing visual contact with stage lighting and light shows in style. Regardless of whether you are hoping to supplant your lighting installation or arrange another framework, you make certain to discover the arrangement that suits your needs and is inside your financial limit.

    In addition, GLP provides U-Torm, Clamps, Tower Systems, Power Supplies, Static Fixtures, and all the accessories in between. Our Cosmic truss inventory and portfolio are second to none. GLP equips your staging needs at a wholesale, cost-effective price, and delivers worldwide, providing you with state-of-the-art equipment, training, and consultation.

    Wow Your Audience With GLP Wholesale Lighting

    The actors or singers can be the best in their craft. The venue can be awe-inspiring. But if the lighting is even mediocre, the performance will be, well, just that, mediocre. Stage lighting can make or break not only your performance but your business success as well. When you want the best, choose the best. German Light Products will help your production be a smashing success!