Cosmic Truss Launches Complete Range of Wind-Up Stands

Cosmic Truss Launches Complete Range of Wind-Up Stands Wednesday January 29, 2014

Cosmic Truss has launched a new full range of windup stands, adding to its full range of truss and support structures.

The range starts with the compact and lightweight CT-1 unit, which features a lift height of 12.5 feet and a load capacity of 275 lbs. Each stand in the range offers a unique combination of height and weight ratings with a number of common safety features included with every stand.Cosmic Truss Crank Stands

The CT-2 and CT-3 stands both have a reach of 17.5 feet, with load capacities of 275 lbs. on the CT-2 and a whopping 551 lbs. on the CT-3.  The CT-2 offers its reach and load, for a stand weight of just 90 lbs. making it also extremely portable.

Additional features on the CT-3 and the CT-4 include the ability to determine the order in which the tower sections rise. The CT-4 is perfect for heavy loads that need high reaches, with a maximum height of more than 21 feet and a load capacity of 485 lbs.

The range also includes the CT-5, a front loading stand for underhung items such as speaker arrays. The CT-5 has a reach of more than 21 feet and a load capacity of 529 lbs.

More stands are included in the range where safety and security has been a top priority in the design of the stands and features including inertia locks, disc brakes, levelling gauges, and locks to prevent over extension of the stand.

A full range of accessories are available for each stand, allowing the safe securing of trusses, pipes and equipment directly to each stand.

All stands and stand accessories in the Cosmic Truss range are built and certified to the stringent BGV-C1 standard as an assurance to users of their quality, durability and safety.

Full information about the range can be found by clicking here

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