GLP Announces Formal Release of GT-1

GLP Announces Formal Release of GT-1 Monday March 20, 2017

New 440W discharge lamp delivers superior light output

Following a number of successful field trials, GLP’s GT-1 hybrid fixture is now ready for official release and has begun shipping.

Already proving hugely popular, the GT-1 is a true hybrid fixture, working as a Beam, Spot and Wash fixture with highest levels of performance. Incorporation of a new 440W Osram discharge lamp dramatically improves the output, while its high-quality optical system produces a beam that features an enormous 22:1 ratio zoom range from 3.5° to 57°.

Full-feature functionality is available at any time, with no optical lens changes required. The GT-1 offers a wide range of effects, including CMY color mixing, eight rotating gobos, 14 fixed pattern gobos, additional beam reduction gobos, and a variable speed animation wheel that can be repositioned, and continuously rotated, within the beam. The GT-1 also features three rotating prisms, and a fixed color wheel with color correction filters, further widening the color pallet. Gt-1

in its narrowest Beam mode, the GT-1 produces an impressive near parallel beam of light at 3.5° through its large 145mm diameter front lens, which remains bright and consistent over long distances. As there are no physical changes, full functionality remains in the GT-1 while delivering these superior beam effects.

In its widest Wash mode, the GT-1 produces a soft-edged beam from a variable filter that can be inserted into the beam to give the desired level of wash required.

The GLP GT-1 also features the company’s signature baseless design, full
16-bit pan and tilt movement, full range dimming and shuttering capability, an inbuilt battery for fixture setup, an auto sensing power supply and a low weight of just 55 lbs. — in all producing a hugely versatile fixture for a wide range of applications.

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