GLP To Celebrate LDI’s 30th Anniversary With Largest Booth To Date

GLP To Celebrate LDI’s 30th Anniversary With Largest Booth To Date Thursday October 11, 2018

GLP will sport a new booth display and location (#573) at this year’s LDI Show (October 19-21, Las Vegas Convention Center), where the show marks its 30th anniversary.

Sharing their largest booth to date with their distributed brands, Scenex Lighting and Cosmic Truss, GLP US is taking a twist away from their consecutively award winning ‘black box’ presentations in favor of a customer-centric experience with a free flow of information and hospitality. Here is what’s in store:

impression E350: With this new, supercharged LED moving head, GLP has moved its development programme into the next generation. The advanced LED engine offers unprecedented output in its class, making the fixture perfect for any type of showcase event or installation where dynamic, articulated lighting is a key component. At the same time this whisper-quiet, flicker-free luminaire also meets the stringent criteria required by the broadcast / TV world.

impression S350: The S350 is characterized by its perfect white light LED-engine with full spectrum to create saturated and pastel colors (with optimized CRI in excess of 90). The other outstanding feature is the four-blade framing system, with each blade of the framing system able to fully close across the beam and pitch through 60 degrees. The whole framing unit can be rotated through 90 degrees. Smooth dimming and even field distribution are other stand out features.

KNV Cube and KNV Arc: The IP54-rated KNV LED system can be used either individually or in combination. Designers can take advantage of two basic forms: the cube-shaped KNV Cube and the KNV Arc, a device in the form of an eighth circle. Billed as the first frameless LED module in the market to combine Strobe, Blinder and Pixel-Block, it looks set to become a game-changer, as it allows production designers to effortlessly build unique structures and create a huge variety of shapes that tune lighting into scenery.



impression FR1

impression FR1: The FR1 is one of the most compact automated lighting packages available today. Using a single, high-powered 60-Watt RGBW LED at its core, the FR1 features color mixing across a vast spectrum, while projecting a crisp, punchy white light, with a full range of color temperature control. The FR1 provides a clean, homogenized output at all angles, making it suitable for a large range of applications, while a fast 3.5 to 34 degree zoom range gives full beam control.

X4 atom Rackmount PSU: The small, static IP65 rated X4 atom has proved popular in a number of different markets and GLP has continued adding to the accessories as customers have requested them.

New this year is a rackmount version of the X4 atom power supply. As the fixture has now started getting used on fixed installations, it was necessary to provide the correct solution in addition to GLP’s existing truss mount power supplies.

In a 2U rackmount housing, this new PSU variant offers 12 X4 atom outputs with all the standard connectivity from the atom system including auto sensing voltage input, DMX input and output and a full on-board menu to configure the PSU and the atom heads exactly as you would like.

Rain Covers: Adding to the existing range of portable rain covers, GLP are introducing a new design aimed primarily for use in Pre Rig truss, but not just limited to that, of course. With a format that is just under 20 inches square, the Rain Cover 500 fits neatly into standard Pre Rig truss and has 6 different size and shape plastic covers that can be added, depending on the fixture that is being used within it ; another solution to make life even easier when on the road.

Cosmic Truss: At this year’s LDI show, Cosmic Truss will be launching the F35 and F45 truss systems specifically designed for mounting video walls or other technology that needs a centre hanging point. The F35 works seamlessly with the company’s popular 12 inch F34 truss, and correspondingly the F45 matches with the 16 inch square F44P truss.

Both styles feature an additional central pipe along one edge that creates a clear and easy mounting surface along the bottom of the truss. This removes the need to brace video walls, or other technology stacks along the two outer cords as is typically required and prevents truss from slipping out of orientation.

LED Tape

Scenex Lighting: Scenex Lighting is the custom design and build solution department, exclusive to GLP in North America that works with designers and set construction companies to realize the incorporation of LED into scenic pieces.

With a wide range of experience and knowledge, Scenex is able to take initial thoughts and work them into a finished reality — whether it be for a trade show booth, television set design, concert touring piece or any other set piece that is temporary or permanent.

Scenex Lighting carries a wide range of certified products available from the LED lighting solutions themselves to mounting extrusions, driver and power supply boxes and much more besides, all designed to make the process easy, fast and affordable.

LED scenic applications can often seem daunting as new options and technologies are available at a rapidly evolving rate, but Scenex Lighting is adept at working with designers from beginning to end of a project using only the highest quality of products, coupled with GLP’s unparalleled service and trusted support.

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