GLP X4 Bar 20 Highlights The Tallest Man On Earth

GLP X4 Bar 20 Highlights The Tallest Man On Earth Tuesday December 11, 2018


Swedish artist Kristian Matsson Is better known under his stage name, The Tallest Man On Earth.

His recent European tour, in support of his album When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground, has seen LD Anders Heberling using GLP’s award-winning impression X4 Bar 20 in his stage design. He deployed 13 fixtures as a floor package with the remaining batten in the roof, directly above the head of an artist who is known for his dynamic stage performances.

De-Roma-The-Tallest-Man-on-EarthThe fixtures were mounted in almost completely sealed custom made boxes, allowing just small cracks for the light to shine through. According to Heberling, the inspiration for this was old barns where the sun shines through the walls.

Of his choice of lighting the LD said, “I needed a pixel batten that could move but most importantly be rigged vertically to fit inside the boxes. The wide zoom was very helpful in terms of changing the look of the stage and decreasing the risk of blinding the audience too much. The fantastic output and wonderful colors were also a big factor in choosing the fixture.”

Inventory for the European leg was provided by Bright Group but Christie Lites will be responsible for supplying the kit as the tour transfers to the US in November. More dates will then follow in Europe as the tour runs for over a year.

Joining Anders Heberling’s team were Wilhelm Egnell, who assisted with programming and operated several shows, and Andreas Berthling who made the custom boxes.


In summary, the LD opined: “The X4 Bar 20s are of high quality and deliver great colors. That just about sums it up. In fact it’s so well built and robust that we never had the need for spares. The great thing about the X4 Bar 20 is that it works as an interesting wash and at the same time a ‘sharp-as-a-knife’ kind of beam.”


Pictures credit: Thomas Geuens 

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