GLP’s High Visual Integration Reaps Rich Rewards at LDI 2011

GLP’s High Visual Integration Reaps Rich Rewards at LDI 2011 Sunday November 6, 2011

All roads led to stand #659, at this year’s LDI Show in Orlando, where GLP presented a spectacular launch showcase for both its own, and sister company G-LEC fixtures — as well as offering other creative visual solutions for LD’s.

Pride of place went to the German manufacturer’s game-changing LED washlight, the impression Wash One, which was making its North American debut. This was joined by a new video display and controller from G-LEC, and new IP65 outdoor rated and battery powered fixtures from its Scenex Lighting range of LED scenic lighting fixtures. A wide selection of Global Truss products were also displayed on the stand.

GLP’s High Visual Integration Reaps Rich Rewards At LDI 2011But all eyes were on the impression Wash One; this was running alongside the impression Spot One which has been creating a real buzz in the industry since it began shipment, for its purely LED based feature set.

Stated Mark Ravenhill, President, GLP German Light Products Inc, “The Wash One preview created exactly the feedback we had been hoping for. With two identical demo stations, and a rig of units we were able to showcase both the Wash One and Spot One, as well as the Volkslicht Zoom and impression RZ120.”

Boasting a 400W RGB LED light engine, and the same groundbreaking technology as the Spot One, the fully-featured Wash One is able to deliver delicate color changes or instantaneous color bumps over a wide, carefully-calibrated spectrum.

With its baseless yoke, the lightweight fixture offers a 6°-60° zoom range — but the key differentiators are its innovative 3° narrow beam mode and its unique variable soft-edge beam control and beam shaping function.

Also winning rave reviews was the new Solaris+ from G-LEC — which consists of strings of 360 degree full color balls set in three chandelier designs (as well as being displayed in a 2D curtain format and in a cool montage of plastic tubes). “By showing it in three completely different yet equally captivating applications, we were able to create an eye-catching central element of the stand,” said Ravenhill. G-LEC also highlighted the Phantom 15 panels in a design which showed its full compatibility with the Phantom 30 screen, along with the new G-LEC Video Processor.

Elsewhere, Scenex Lighting displayed new products for outdoor use featuring IP65 ratings and wireless control – including a brand new PAR fixture which was completely wireless, with on-board battery and wireless DMX card. Also included was an outdoor rated version of the Studio Par fixture which features a 20 x 3W RGB LED engine and the all new outdoor rated version of the Fusion 60 RGB LED Batten, with interchangeable beam angles.

Finally, GLP also had an extensive showing of Global Truss products, from the trussing, staging and accessory elements of the product range, and including a selection of popular new patterned truss covers which are perfect for corporate events.

“This was the most comprehensive, and conceptually integrated product presentation GLP has ever undertaken at a trade show, and it already looks to be paying high dividends,” Mark Ravenhill summarized.

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