GLP to Unveil impression X5, impression X5 IP Bar, and XDC1 IP Hybrid at Prolight + Sound

GLP to Unveil impression X5, impression X5 IP Bar, and XDC1 IP Hybrid at Prolight + Sound Monday April 25, 2022

With the brand-new impression X5 series, GLP sets a new standard for LED wash moving lights. This new development is the prelude to a whole series of innovative luminaires and will be on show at Prolight + Sound alongside the X5 IP Bar and XDC1 IP Hybrid, an exciting fusion of X5 Wash and untamed JDC1 strobe power, at Stand C30 in Hall 12.1.

The impression X5 is a “next-generation LED wash light” – a new workhorse that brings all the benefits of the iconic X4 series with cutting-edge technology and much anticipated new features. The fixture weighs only 29.3 lbs (13.3 kg) and is equipped with 19 powerful 40-watt RGBL LEDs that provide an incredible light output and an expanded color gamut. GLP’s new iQ.Gamut color algorithm, for example, ensures that the impression X5 produces a clean white point at 6,500 K with high color rendering (CRI 90 / TLCI 90) as standard, plus the option to switch to other fixed and precisely calibrate­d white points. With the new super-fast zoom mechanism, the impression X5 offers a 16:1 zoom from 3.5° to 60° with homogeneous light distribution across the entire range.

The new design gives this LED wash light a fresh, modern look. The round shaped design allows for a variety of geometric patterns for great pixel mapping effects. The impression X5 also features a comprehensive effects package, including a virtual color wheel with 64 colors from the LEE filter palette, tungsten emulations, magenta/green correction, a new color quality control and effects channel, and double layer effects. GLP’s advanced technology enables near-silent operation as well as breakneck speeds at over 540° pan and 200° tilt. 

XDC1 IP Hybrid combines X5 color wash with strobe power of JDC1

The brand new GLP XDC1 IP Hybrid fixture was developed in collaboration with a top star of the UK lighting design scene. The innovative hybrid combines the impressive wash characteristics and powerful colors of the impression X5, with a narrow beam angle of 9°, with two extremely bright strobe lines borrowed from the JDC1, all in an IP65-certified housing. The GLP XDC1 IP Hybrid can be aligned horizontally and vertically and effortlessly combined with other units to create seamless columns or lines.  Visit GLP at Prolight + Sound 2022 in Hall 12.1, Stand C30.

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