GLP’s Interlocking KNV LED Cube and Arc Offer Infinite Design Possibilities

GLP’s Interlocking KNV LED Cube and Arc Offer Infinite Design Possibilities Monday September 17, 2018

Officially presented at PLASA 2018 and officially shipping now, the modular KNV LED system from GLP can be used either individually or as a composite. Designers can rely on two basic forms: the cube shaped KNV Cube and the KNV Arc – a device in the form of an eighth circle.

Billed as the first frameless LED module, which combines strobe, blinder and pixel block in the market. It looks set to become a game changer, allowing production designers to effortlessly build unique structures. Any combination of KNV Cube and Arc can be combined together to form an infinite level of seamless design elements where scenery becomes lighting and lighting becomes scenery.

Each GLP KNV unit houses 25 power pixels, each consisting of a hyper bright white LED for maximum brightness and impact along with a surrounding ring of 16 RGB LEDs for creative effects and powerful backlight illumination. When combined, each module will output an incredible 50,000 lumens.

But the KNV system goes much further. Since the modules are IP54 rated, they can be used on exposed stages, festival front trussing or other outdoor applications, with comfortable power/data daisy chain capabilities enabling large modular displays to be created — regardless of the weather.

Whilst independent pixel mapping is available, the KNV also incorporates two integrated powerful FX engines that offer easy handling of the pixels and create stunning effects, requiring a bare minimum of programming time.

Explaining the design rationale, GLP’s MD Udo Künzler, said, “Presently, all existing strobes and single pixel effects in the market have a defined size and framed housing. The GLP KNV Cube and KNV Arc are the first LED systems with a frameless design for maximum flexibility and independent scaling options. And by combining the two, there are plenty of options for never before seen designs to be created, such as rings, letters, walls, snakes, and so on.”

The powerful GLP KNV Cube and KNV Arc are the solution for any creative designer seeking maximum flexibility of an RGB LED fixture and white light strobe/blinder, all within a modular system that provides infinite design options.

With so much flexibility, GLP expects the new KNV to find immediate adoption in TV set designs, touring, festivals, fixed installations and cruise ships, while its IP54 construction and modular design make this service-free system perfect for dry hire customers and cross rental.



Essential Features:


  • 25 power pixels, each with 1x hyper-bright White LED, 1x ring of 16x RGB LEDs,
  • Up to 50,000 lm output per module,
  • IP54 rated, weatherproof design in both versions: KNV Cube and KNV Arc,
  • Modular system to create individual and unlimited scaling for independent creative designs,
  • Easy interlocking system and Power Data Daisy Chain,
  • Different control modes for usage as Strobe, Pixel-mapping or Multi-layer mode, with two powerful FX engines.


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