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Cosmic Truss offers an extensive range of clamps and couplers to meet all design requirements. The vast majority of products are available in black upon request.

Cosmic Truss offers an ever growing range of TUV certified clamps. Ranging from half sized pieces to heavy duty clamps, with easy to use adaptations such as a quick release handle, enlarged grips for the staging clamps range, and trigger clamps allowing for individuals to hang heavier items with ease.

#5035 Half Coupler
The half coupler is the standard for heavy duty clamps, featuring a wider width the clamps offers substantially higher load rating.

#5035 Narrow Half Coupler
The Narrow half coupler is an impressive tool with a width of only 1.18″, allowing for easy placement along truss chords and in between truss bracing.

#5033 Half Coupler
Features an eyebolt at its base allowing for the rigging and hanging of shackles, cables and a variety of other hanging or lifted equipment.

#812 Low Profile Half Coupler
This smaller clamp is one of the worlds most used couplers, with a slim design the clamp can be placed almost anywhere or the truss and can be used for mounting small to medium sized devices.

#812E Low Profile Quick Release
The 812E bases itself of the standard 812 clamp but features an easy to use quick release mechanism allowing smaller device to be added and removed from the truss with ease.

#5073 Self Locking Hook Clamp
This coupler is a simple and quick way to attach devices to truss structures. The lateral screw design and large wingnut make it easy to attach and lock in place.

#5070 Trigger Clamp
 The Trigger Clamp is a combination of the C-Clamp and Half Coupler style making it ideal for securing heavy devices to truss chords. Allowing devices to hang freely without closing the clamp adds hanging security when working with heavier items and acts as an extra set of hands for riggers working alone.

#5038-90 Double Cheeseboro
The double construction coupler allows for the connection of two main truss chords. The 5038-90 can be locked at 90 degrees allowing for greater versatility of truss and device mounting.

#5025 Narrow Double Cheeseboro
The Narrow version of the Double Cheeseboro features an width of only 1.18″ making easy to fasten to truss chords and is less restricted in its use by truss bracing.

#5034 Half Coupler Half Conical
The 5034 features a a simple half conical connector for integration to a chord of truss be it a box or single piece of F31.

#5032-2 Double Low Profile Coupler
This swivel coupler allows the connection of two chords of truss. The couplers themselves can be rotated at any angle for versatile integration with truss constructions.

All clamps are available in silver and can be powder coated in black.

Why Cosmic Truss

For more than a decade Cosmic Truss has produced high quality and reliable aluminum products. All of which are all certified by various independent testing institutes.

The deep product range from Cosmic Truss has been systematically expanded over the years and now includes a lot more besides regular truss; crowd barriers, clamps, hooks, accessories, complex staging as well as heavy duty truss systems are now all a part of the inventory.

When it comes to innovation, our R&D department sets new standards and is able to pick up and realize ideas from our customers promptly. Cosmic Truss products are being sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and our customers appreciate the excellent quality and availability.

Quality, reliability, innovation and availability are the key words which we implement globally into our ruling principles. Always and at all times. For this reason, Cosmic Truss products are tested by TÜV Nord and do not only fulfill the norm values but in fact outperform them.

Since 2001 we have expanded our truss systems piece by piece. We started with 3 systems and now we offer more than 10 different truss systems, this puts us in a leading position of truss manufacturers.

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