Same Truss, Same Company, New Brand Name

Same Truss, Same Company, New Brand Name Saturday December 24, 2011

GLP German Light Products Inc. has announced that it has reached a successful conclusion to the legal situation that occurred with Global Truss America LLC. At the conclusion of matters, GLP remains the exclusive distributor of its trussing products throughout the Americas, and is excited to announce its new name, Cosmic Truss

Dealers and customers will be very familiar with the established logo that Cosmic Truss bears, showing its heritage and track record.

The manufacturing of Cosmic Truss, by Taiwan Georgia Corporation, is done at the very same place that has been supplying GLP with its truss products under the previous name. This facility has been making TÜV certified truss and accessory products for many years and has attained worldwide recognition for its attention to detail and quality of work. The entire product range is available within the Americas through its exclusive distribution partner, GLP Inc.

Establishing the new Cosmic Truss name allows dealers, users and specifiers full access to the product range once again, without any cloud of potential legal action hanging over the heads and with the knowledge that this is the genuine product, backed up by TÜV certified processes and materials.

GLP has a commitment to its customers of stocking products for immediate delivery which continues with a full range of Cosmic Truss products available from its US location in California. Backed up by their high level of customer service and competitive pricing, GLP is looking forward to getting back to business as usual.

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