Scenex Lighting Expands Range and Adds Custom Design Support

Scenex Lighting Expands Range and Adds Custom Design Support Thursday August 9, 2012

Scenex Lighting Black LED TapeScenex Lighting from GLP has recently increased their investment and range of flexible LED tapes, adding a full inventory with black backing as opposed to the more common white backing which has traditionally been offered.

Giving a far higher level of discreteness, the black backing is perfect for use in staging applications, set pieces and other instances where the LED tape needs to be kept as hidden as possible. The black backed tape is available for their full range of RGB, white and single color LED tapes.
With the introduction of this new black line of products, Scenex has also re-engineered its tape to now provide an IP67 rating, up from the previous IP55 level which allows a far greater tolerance of dust, liquid and even outdoor conditions – offering a greater level of reliability to customers.
Following a recent run of major projects, Scenex has also added a significant range of accessories, such as corner and angled sections, connector cables, and a wider range of power supplies and drivers.

Scenex Lighting Black LED TapeFinally, the company has also added a full service design support facility from their Los Angeles based office. This facility allows customers to come with an idea and get full assistance in the final creation and implementation of that idea or design. The people at Scenex have already started the year with a number of projects and bespoke solutions, including major concert tours, quick build set pieces for award shows, along with permanent applications in both commercial and residential environments. This design support service is offered free of charge through GLP’s entire dealer network across the USA and Canada.

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