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    When you need the most entertaining production values, lighting plays a paramount role. Often underappreciated, the quality of stage lighting can make or break a production. Stage lighting involves much more than the audience’s ability to be able to see the performers. The best stage lighting, such as that manufactured and designed by German Light Products, transports audiences to the exact time and setting that a director envisions. In other words, lighting is the atmosphere.

    Whether you need classic lighting or the latest in special effects, GLP takes the worry out of your stage lighting needs. Our designers are among the most visionary in the industry; they are obsessive about creating momentous presentation impacts.

    Lighting Quality Never Sacrificed

    Despite being an industry leader in eco-friendly premium stage lighting, GLP offers economic pricing. Because we have distributors and dealers throughout the country, we can offer very competitive wholesale pricing.

    The Most Innovative Stage Lighting Products On The Market

    When it comes to innovative lighting equipment, we’re one of the industry’s leaders. We offer a variety of product lines including our main GLP line as well as Cosmic Truss, FUSION, Scenex, and Snap. Our product catalog contains a variety of products such as moving head lighting fixtures, truss, static lighting fixtures, LED tape, and various accessories. We are at the forefront of utilizing LED technology in stage lighting. Our energy-efficient products do not compromise on quality. Our impression series is award-winning and used by leading designers worldwide.

    Highlander Wash

    The Highlander Wash is a discharge lamp wash light that offers a wide variability for its beam control. There are separate controls on each blade, resulting in beams that can be controlled to the smallest detail. This wash light offers a full-color pallet ranging from soft pastels to deep saturation, and everything in between.

    Featuring a powerful 1,400W discharge lamp, The Highlander Wash produces high-quality light output, combined with a tight beam angle and modern efficiency. You can think of the Highlander Wash as the next generation in discharge lamp wash lighting!

    Our Product Selection

    We offer a large range of award-winning lighting fixtures including the JDC1, an LED strobe that offers a powerfully bright output and features many possible effects. Our FUSION by GLP range includes the new FUSION stick 10 & 20, Supernova and FUSION Par 7, which each carry an array of features. They are also perfect for outdoor use, regardless of weather conditions.

    Our selection of TUV Rated Aluminum Truss are high quality and feature an ever-growing assortment of products to choose from. Our SNAP products provide for convenient cable management, work for all cable types, and won’t damage truss.

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    Founded in 1994 in Karlsbad, Germany, GLP has proven itself over time to be a trusted industry leader. Since being founded, we have opened offices in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Russia, France and Sweden. We have been growing even faster lately by joining forces with the company, FUSION. Our experts can help you find exactly the right product for you, no matter what scale of lighting rig you require. For more information or if you’re looking to purchase wholesale stage lighting, contact us today!