GLP Spot One Enjoys Perfect Hong Kong Debut with CantoPop Stars

GLP Spot One Enjoys Perfect Hong Kong Debut with CantoPop Stars Friday April 20, 2012

Hong Kong-based actor and Cantopop singer Leon Lai, recently enjoyed a week of sell-out performances at the 12,000 seat Hong Kong Coliseum. Production support for the artist’s Leon X U show, local rental staging company, AHM Engineering Co. Ltd, provided 28 of their newly-acquired GLP impression Spot One LED fixtures, to enhance the stage dynamics and give the groundbreaking fixture a spectacular Hong Kong debut.

AHM already owned 32 of the German company’s impression 120RZ, reporting nothing but good experiences within the first year, with zero failures. The fixtures have not only enjoyed a heavy duty cycle within Hong Kong but also several events at the Venetian in Macau — urging AHM to consider further increasing their stock of impression 120RZ’s.

spotone-1-webIntroduced to the Spot One late last year by GLP Asia General Manager, Michael Münz, AHM were so impressed that they immediately placed an order for 62 of the new fixtures.

The first 28 pieces were delivered in less than two weeks from order to meet the Leon Lai show deadline. Michael Münz remembers, “They literally came out of the airplane and went directly to the venue where they were installed out of the box and onto the rig.”

Having only seen the Spot One in their warehouse previously all production crew involved were stunned with the brightness and power of the beam — even in such a large venue as the Hong Kong Coliseum where the fixtures were used all around a central stage, both as floor FX and on the outer edges of the trussing.

The reaction was scarcely surprising since the Spot One is the first fixture of its kind to be released to the global market. Harnessing the output of enough LED sources and being able to run it through the optical system of a spot fixture to create an even beam for RGB color mixing (and focusable area for gobo projections) has provided LD’s with a new dimension to their creative palette.

Fired by their initial success, AHM Engineering then provided a further 38 Spot Ones for another Cantopop exponent, Aaron Kwok, when his De Showy Masquerade World Tour Live Concert arrived at the same venue.

Kwok is famous for his dancing performance and extravagant stage design and AHM were happy to increase the presence of the Spot Ones to provide extra drama (in fact the artist holds a Guinness Book of World Records entry for the largest revolving stage, measuring 10m x 9.44m).

The crisp colors of the Spot One, coupled with the fast movement, provided the perfect match for this action packed performance.

The Spots performed at a total of 21 shows in their first month of delivery, with no lamp adjustment necessary prior to their first use on stage.

Mazon Chan, owner and founder of AHM, who had wanted to move his company further towards greener and more cost-efficient products, is more than happy with their latest investment since it will enable them to reduce running costs. And Paul Leung, Sales Director of AHM, adds that the five-year light engine warranty eases the burden on their budget since they no longer need to calculate bulb replacement costs.

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