Pulse Stage Lighting’s Strategic Investment in GLP LED Technology

Pulse Stage Lighting’s Strategic Investment in GLP LED Technology Tuesday October 11, 2011

Pulse Stage Lighting, a leading provider of high quality lighting, audio, video, and staging services, proudly announces that it is among the first in its service area to own the new “impression Spot One” 400 Watt RGB LED Moving Spotlights from leading manufacturer German Light Products (GLP).

Pulse Stage Lighting’s strategic purchase of this cutting-edge technology now marries the company’s exceptional service, expertise, and experience in the lighting and production arena with the industry’s most innovative equipment, enabling Pulse Stage’s creation of unparalleled event experiences for customers and event-goers alike. 

Pulse Stage Lighting’s Strategic InvestmentFrom its sharp focus, outstanding optics, and unique color mixing and color correction capabilities to its smooth dimming system and highly-efficient, flicker-free design, we found GLP’s impression Spot One to be an incredibly impressive fixture,” says Pulse Stage Lighting President Scott de Villers. “As a company dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and the most innovative technology available in the industry, we’re delighted to have equipment of this caliber in-house for the first time and are excited about all of the opportunities it presents to us and our customers.

Agrees Pulse Stage Lighting Vice President Bob Suchocki, “we’re extremely excited to be among the first companies in the New York metropolitan area to own these extraordinary fixtures and to be able to make them available to our customers for their events. In addition to exhibiting exceptional color mixing capabilities, their low power draw ensures that the quality of a show never has to be compromised due to a lack of power. We’re very appreciative of GLP’s innovation and support and look forward to the growth and continuation of our successful partnership.

According to Rick Fallon, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for German Light Products, “the impression Spot One is truly a breakthrough in LED technology and a huge step forward for the industry in that the fixture offers highly saturated colors and even beam spread from one edge to the other, successfully avoiding the hot spot, fading, and shadowing issues so prevalent in the field. Cool-running and quiet, the impression Spot One’s 400 Watt LED engine is highly efficient, delivering RGB output greater than that of a 700 Watt discharge fixture,” he says. “In addition, the fixture is extremely versatile, optimally supporting a range of venues from concerts and stage and screen events to corporate presentations and private parties.”

Pulse Stage Lighting debuted its new impression Spot One fixtures at the Museum of Natural History’s Rose Center/Hayden Planetarium in New York City on September 26th, during an EMI/Capitol-sponsored event celebrating the launch of Pink Floyd’s newly-released catalogue. Says de Villers of the lighting services Pulse Stage provided, “we were able to create incredibly rich hues that truly enhanced the ambiance of the event. Crew members who had never seen the fixture before were absolutely blown away by what it could do, particularly with such little power.

Concludes Fallon, “GLP is thrilled to have our impression Spot One fixtures selected by the Pulse Stage Lighting team, who recognized that this technology would elevate them to a new level of service and capability and truly differentiate them from their competition.”

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