Stage Lighting and Effects

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    If you’re a stage designer, you demand the top of the line in stage lighting and effects. Mediocrity simply will not do. That’s why designers all over the world choose German Light Products (GLP) as the leading manufacturer of quality stage lighting and effects.

    We have become a trustworthy name in the industry by offering premium, innovative products to clients worldwide. Not only are GLP lighting and stage effects the top of the line in terms of quality, but our products are also eco-friendly and fully customizable.

    The Most Innovative Stage Lighting Technology

    If you don’t take into consideration your lighting design, the mood and success of the product will fall flat. GLP takes the worry out of the equation for you. Whether you need flashy or classy, GLP’s innovative lighting equipment will come through for you.

    We feature several diverse product lines including our main GLP line in addition to Cosmic Truss, FUSION, Scenex, and Snap. Our catalog offers a wide selection of products such as static lighting fixtures, moving head lighting fixtures, Truss, LED tape, and various accessories. Our energy-efficient products offer premium quality and performance.

    Force 120 LED Fan

    The Force 120 LED fan offers many stunning atmospheric effects. With LED tape lighting each fan blade, its range of capabilities is vast. It offers a variety of different color options and its light intensity can be easily controlled.

    Alternating colors can also be utilized to create a striking stage effect. With speeds ranging from 30 rpm to 750 rpm, this fan’s ability to move air is unrivaled. With its durable construction and built-in transport wheels, it can be moved around easily despite its large size. It features several rigging points and safety attachment points, so its placement capabilities on stage are remarkably versatile.

    The Most Stage Lighting Options to Choose From–At An Affordable Price

    We offer many highly innovative and diverse products such as the impression S350 Wash. With zoom optics capabilities that range from 8 to 50 degrees, it offers an impressively broad flexibility range.

    Our KNV Cube features a square body and a 5 by 5 LED pixel design. It’s extremely versatile and can be used as a strobe, blinder, pixel mapped surface, wash light, and more. We offer many more products that each feature their own unique effects and capabilities. You’ll never run out of options with GLP’s vast product catalog.

    The Undisputed Leader in LED Design

    In theatrical and concert performances, ambiance plays a vital part in the overall experience. If you want your performance to be legendary, not ordinary, you need the best-LED lighting. From unique colors to the most impossible angles, our lighting designers can meet your every need. 

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    Since our founding in Karlsbad, Germany in 1994, GLP has claimed its place as a trusted industry leader. We have expanded our reach over time by opening offices in the US, Hong Kong, Sweden, and the UK. Additionally, we have distributors who make our products available all over the US as well as internationally. No matter what type of stage design you are planning, our experts can help find the perfect product for you. For more information about our innovative stage lighting and effects, contact our knowledgeable team today!