The Force 120 is a large 3 ft. diameter, variable speed fan with internal RGB LED lighting. Practical and usable in many applications, the Force 120 stage effect features a high speed, variable direction fan unit with internal RGB LED lighting. It incorporates high torque motor technology for fast movement and multi directional changes.

The Force 120 Fan unit is coupled with internal lighting, allowing the stage effect unit to create dramatic effects, unique scenic elements, or to simply be used as an effective air mover. In a rugged versatile housing, the Force 120 measures just over 4.5ft square making it a stand out feature, if desired. Additionally, the large diameter variable speed fan, which can run at speeds as low as 30 rpm all the way up to 750 rpm, is designed to create stunning scenic effects while remaining powerful enough to be a highly effective fan unitwithout sacrificing any utility at all.

Internally, it features bands of LED tape which light the fan blades and can be controlled with differing levels of density. This allows for multi color projection onto the blades, or alternatively, a single striking stage effect.

The Force 120 has been designed with ease of use in mind considering its large size. Sturdy construction in addition to built-in transport wheels ensure that the fixture can be moved around easily without much difficulty or fear of causing damage. The Force 120 stage effect fan also has multiple rigging points and secondary safety attachment points making its placement exceptionally versatile and easy to fit into any stage design.



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  • Variable speed motor
    • Min. speed 30 rpm
    • Max. speed 750 rpm
  • DMX control
  • 8 or 16 DMX channels
  • Internal RGB LED
  • Dimmer 0-100%


Operating Conditions

  • IP20 rated
  • Input voltage: AC 100 V-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 1,000 W
    • Neutrik TrueOne
  • Neutrik XLR 5 Pin in/out



  • DMX control
  • Multiple rigging points



  • 55 in. x 15.75 in. x 57.25 in. (140 cm x 40 cm x 145 cm)


Net Weight

  • 208 lbs. (94.3 kg)


PDFIcon Force 120 User Manual V1.5


PDFIcon  Force 120 DMX Channel Index Rev.A 20180326


PDFIcon Force 120 Dimensions

ZIPIcon Force 120 3D CAD

Fixture Libraries

ZIPIcon 2016-05-02 MA GLP Force 120 RevA

ZIPIcon 2018-04-16 HOG GLP Force 120 RevA


PDFIcon  Force 120 Product Card

PDFIcon Force 120 Specification Sheet