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Based on the design of the small and powerful impression FR1, comes the versatile track mount version of the fixture. Ideal for use in fixed installations such as hospitality, exhibitions, museums, clubs, bars, and even retail.

The impression FR1 Track Mount version features the EUTRACK 3 circuit power track adapter for quick and easy installation. The FR1 TM features wireless DMX streamlining the set up process. As with the original FR1 fixture, GLP’s signature baseless design and cone antenna keep the fixture sleek and unobtrusive. With various fan and performance modes the fixture can be ran with silent operation in noise sensitive environments.

The impression FR1 uses a high powered 60 W homogenized RGBW LED at its core, the impression FR1 features color mixing across a vast spectrum, whilst at the same time can project a crisp, punchy white light, with a full range of color temperature control.

Optical quality is at the forefront with the impression FR1 as it provides a clean, homogenized output at all angles, always giving a clean beam from center to its extreme edge. This consistency and attention to detail allows the impression FR1 to be used in a large range of applications where compromise is not an option.

A super-fast 3.5° to 35° zoom range gives full beam control over both short and longer throw distances and because of its power, the FR1 can project over a long throw.

With quality comes accuracy, and in this area the impression FR1 features 16 bit dimming and 16 bit position control through a range of 540° of pan and 220° of tilt. But with an added kick, the FR1 also has the ability of bi-directional continuous pan rotation at varying speeds from slow and gentle, to extremely fast giving that little something extra when needed.

From lighting art to centerpieces, from exquisite costumes to close up displays, the impression FR1 offers an outstanding combination of quality, power, size, and ability, and with a little kick of fun when that matters too.


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Light source

  • 60 W RGBW Osram Ostar LED
  • 50,000 hours
  • CRI 80
  • TLCI: 80
  • TM30-15: 77/106



  • Display
    • Illuminated high contrast graphic LCD
  • Protocol
    • DMX-512



  • Virtual Color wheel- match referenced Lee colors
  • Color temperature control, 2700 Kelvin – 10,000 Kelvin



  • EUTRACK 3-circuit power track adapter


Power Supply

  • Mains voltage 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz
  • Variable PWM


Operating Conditions

  • IP 20
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 104°F (40°C)



  • Standard range of 540° Pan / 220° Tilt
  • Continuous pan rotation available, variable speed, CW and CCW
  • 16-bit Resolution and position feedback


Optical system

  • Focused octagon beams with very narrow 3.5°
  • Fast 1:10 zoom with a flat field wash of 35°


Shutter / Dimmer

  • Flicker free operation with variable PWM
  • Smooth electronic dimming from 0-100% with different dimming curve options
  • Variable electronic strobe 1-10 Hz
  • Pulse and random shutter effects


  • Cardboard box


Housing Colors

  • Standard colors are black or white
  • For other colors please contact sales department


Dimensions (FR1)

  • (L x W x H): head horizontal, zoom out
    • 8 in. x 9 in. x 11.7 in. (20.3 cm x 22.8 cm x 29.6 cm)



  • Weight: 8.8 lbs. (4 kg)




PDFIcon impression FR1Trackmount User Manual


PDFIcon impression FR1 Channel Layout


PDFIcon impression FR1 Track Mount Dimensions

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ZIPIcon impression FR1 Vectorworks


ZIPIcon impression FR1 IES files

Fixture Profiles

ZIPIconimpression FR1 MA2

ZIPIconimpression FR1 Camsys

ZIPIconimpression FR1 Hog

ZIPIcon impression FR1Obsidian

ZIPIconimpression FR1 Wysiwyg


PDFIcon impression FR1 TrackMount Product Card