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The impression S350 is a mid size LED spot fixture that sets new standards in quality of light. A new, highly advanced feature set allows the S350 to be controlled in incredibly unique ways, and backs this up with very superb CRI rating of >90 & TLCI (Qa) rating of 90 with a very flat field. Additionally, a new 3-D dimming algorithm & near silent operation means the S350 advances existing tech in multiple areas.

The impression S350 offers an unparalleled feature set for its size. A highly efficient optical system uses a powerful 6000 Kelvin white LED engine at its core, producing bright clarity in the projected beam. Smooth dimming using a brand new 16 bit, 3D dimming algorithm and even field distribution along with clear image projection are all standard in the S350. While maintaining a significantly brighter output than typical 700 W discharge lamp sources.

With near silent operation, the S350 is suitable for every kind of venue and event that needs a powerful fixture in a small and subtle housing.

The color capability of the S350 comes from a full CMY color mixing system, supported by a fixed color wheel with correction filters.  Beam control begins with a 4 blade framing system with each blade capable of closing across the entire beam, all within a rotating gate. This is supported by a full beam rotatable and repositionable animation wheel, alongside a rotating gobo wheel with 7 positions plus open and a static gobo wheel with 10 positions plus open, and a rotating prism. Also included are 2 selectable frost filters, giving the option of both light and heavy frost effects. Beam control capabilities include motorized focus and a zoom that gives a wide range of 8° to 41°.

The S350 features GLP’s unique baseless design with full 16 bit pan and tilt movement, full range 16 bit dimming, and electronic shutter capability, all with a low weight of just 56 lbs. (25.4 kg). The S350 also features an inbuilt battery for fixture setup, an auto sensing power supply, and the option to have wireless DMX control.

The impression S350 spot fixture is a class leader in all areas.



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Light Source

  • Lamp type: LED 350 W
  • Lifetime: 20,000 hours
  • Color temperature: 6000 Kelvin
  • CRI: >90
  • TLCI(Qa): 90
  • CQS: 90
  • Rg: 96
  • Rf: 87
  • Light output: 7,226 lumens (narrow 8°) –  8,881 lumens (medium) – 8,928 lumens (wide 41°)



  • 4 blade framing system, each having complete beam coverage
  • Rotating gate through 90° 
  • Dimmer: 3-D dimming algorithm
  • Shutter: electronic shutter
  • Effect wheel: prism
  • Frost: 2 variable filters for light and heavy frost
  • Gobo wheel 1
    • 7 replaceable, rotating and indexable gobos
  • Gobo wheel 2
    • 10 fixed gobos
  • Animation wheel with rotation and orientation control
  • Color wheel
    • 10 color filters
    • Full CTO 3200 Kelvin
    • 1/4 CTO 4600 Kelvin
    • CTB 9000 Kelvin
  • Color mixing
    • CMY color mixing



  • DMX data
    • XLR 5-pin in/out
    • XLR 3-pin in/out
  • Mains power
    • Neutrik TRUE1 input



  • (Watt @ 230 V): 550 W


Operating Conditions

  • Maximum ambient temperature:  115°F (45°C)


Mounting Options

  • Upright: removable tripod base (supplied) with brackets for ratchet belt
  • Hanging: 2 x M10 socket for half coupler, or other clamp
    • Omega brackets (optional)
  • 2 attachment points for safety wire
  • Any orientation


Optical System

  • Min. zoom: 8° 
  • Max. zoom: 41° 
  • Focus: motorized 2m – infinite



  • Pan: 640°
  • Tilt: 262°



  • Cardboard box
  • 2-way tour pack complete with omega brackets and stacking flight case


Housing Colors

  • Standard color is black
  • For other colors please contact sales department



  • (L x W x H): head vertical
    • 18.6 in. x 9.4 in. x 25.8 in. (47.2 cm x 23.9 cm x 65.5 cm)


Net Weight

  • 56 lbs. (25.4 kg)


PDFIcon Impression S350 User Manual


PDFIcon Impression S350 DMX Layout


PDFIcon Impression S350 Dimensions

ZIPIcon CAD GLP impression S350

ZIPIcon Impression S350Vectorworks GLP S350


PDFIcon  impression 350 Product Card

PDFIcon  impression 350 Specification Sheet


ZIPIcon Impression S350 IES Files

PDFIcon impression S350 Photometric Report

Fixture Profiles

ZIPIcon Impression S350MA2 GLP

ZIPIcon impression S350 Camsys

ZIPIcon impression S350 HOG

ZIPIcon impression S350 Obsidian

ZIPIcon impression S350 Wysiwyg


ZIPIcon impression S350 Firmware V53

Tender Text

ZIPIconimpression S350 Tendertext