Cosmic Truss Tool Box App CTtoolboxapp

The Official Cosmic Truss Tool Box App: The CT Tool Box is a completely free App for your tablet or smart phone, and if you are a rigger or roadie it is a must have tool for working on Cosmic Truss constructions. The App is available on both iOS and Android devices, check your device for full AR support. Inside the Tool Box you will find these useful tools for your truss job.

The CT Load Master 

The CT Load Master calculates the single point, uniformly distributed, and third/quarter/fifth point load of your Cosmic Truss system. When you enter the span of your construction (metric/imperial). Additionally the actual weight of the truss is considered in the calculation.

The CT Level 

The CT Level is a useful water level tool that assists you in checking if your truss construction is leveled. 

CT Augmented Reality

Additionally our latest and most awesome feature is AR. scan the codes in the Cosmic Truss catalogue and experience our couplers in augmented reality!


Download the App now!

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More tools and languages will be available in further updates. Stay tuned for more Cosmic Truss tools and if you have ideas for tools – share them with us: