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Scenex Lighting aims to provide beautiful scenic elements for any stage. The latest LED range, with the new Pixel Matrix does just that. The Scenex RGBW Pixel Matrix is uniquely designed to allow for the creation of some incredibly powerful visual effects. While individually the pixel matrix is fairly small they can easily be chained together creating high impact effects and create an impressive scenic element.

Scenex Lighting has its heart in creating beautiful scenic lighting elements, with its head in the practical solutions of taking these often delicate items into the real world of entertainment lighting applications. The Pixel Matrix being a powerful addition to the Scenex lighting lighting solutions portfolio.

From the toughest concert touring schedules to fast assembly items for quick change events, and the consistency of long running shows that need identical performance from the very first to the very last show. Scenex Lighting has it covered.

Our solutions comprise not just the lighting elements themselves. But also the control and the systems that make them work in a practical and affordable format. We back this up with years of experience and knowledge from our staff who are the heads behind developing so many of our products. If we’ve done it, then we know how to solve it, and we are happy to share our experience.

The full range of Scenex Lighting offer practical, affordable and reliable solutions to your LED set lighting needs.

We are happy to consult and advise on any system design. Free of charge and without obligation, in order to help support and make your vision become a reality.



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Technical Specifications

Light Source

  • 64 SMD 5050 RGBW
  • 180 ° beam angle
  • CRI: >80

IC Chip

  • USC1903


  • DC12V, 1.44 Watts


  • Diameter 26 mm


PDFIcon PDF Scenex LED Pixel Matrix