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Each LED pixel tape is fully flexible, making it ideal for integration into set pieces, staging, signage, props and much, much more.

Directly applied silicone coatings give every LED pixel tape in the range an IP65 protection rating for outdoor use, and for cosmetic integration each tape can be supplied with a white or black PCB back.

Designs can incorporate different size pixel pitches to give you detail when and where you need it. To ease system integration, all tapes come in lengths already cut for a half or full DMX universe. Every tape can be trimmed to fit after every single pixel.

Scenex also offers a range of different power supply and DMX drive options, including Artnet integration for larger systems.

We are happy to consult and advise on any LED Pixel Tape system design, free of charge and without obligation. In order to help support and make your vision become a reality.



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Technical Specifications
LED’s per meter 30 60 72 144
Pixel pitch 33.3 mm 16.7 mm 13.96 mm 6.9 mm
Standard tape
9.3ft (2.83 mtr) Half DMX
9.3ft (2.83 mtr) 1 DMX
7.7ft  (2.83 mtr) 1 DMX
3.9ft (1.18 mtr) 1 DMX
PCB color Black or white
Field angle 120°
Protection rating Options of IP20, IP65, IP66, IP67 or IP68
23°F – 104°F  (-5°C – 40°C)
Cutting options All tapes can be cut on designated cut marks
Control DMX / Artnet via separate driver box (various sizes available)
Color Choice of Warm white, Cool white, Red, Green, Blue, RGB, RGBW (3000K, 4000K & 6000K)
Wavelength 450 ~ 630 nanometers
Mounting 3M adhesive backing
Voltage 5, 12 & 24 Volt (various size power supplies are available)
Current per meter 7.2 Watts 14.4 Watts 17.3 Watts 34.6 Watts


Data Sheet

PDFIconScenex Lighting LED Pixel Tape Spec Sheet (RGB)

PDFIconScenex Lighting LED Pixel Tape Spec Sheet (RGBW)

PDFIcon Scenex Lighting Pixel Tape Product Card


PDFIconTechnologies for Worship Magazine Scenex Pixel Tape Review Nov. 2015