The FUSION Stick FS16 Z is an outdoor rated, silent operation, linear batten with 16 RGBW LED’s and motorized zoom range of 8 to 40 degrees. With the FS16 Z gives consistent pixel spacing between fixtures and has easy rigging options in both horizontal and vertical formats for ultimate design versatility. 

With 16 powerful RGBW LED’s at its source, the FUSION Stick FS16 Z from GLP also contains a motorized zoom for a beam angle range of between 8° and 40°. It has the same dimensions and outer housing as the FUSION Stick FS20 so all diffusors, including asymmetrical options, and accessories are available to use. Multiple fixtures connect together quickly and offer consistent pixel spacing across fixtures for totally seamless effects.  

The Halo Ring is a new innovation implemented to increase pixel visibility in TV applications. At all camera angles the single pixels are visible at any beam angle due to the ring around the front lens, but are still fully able to create stunning narrow beams.

The FUSION Stick FS16 Z features an IP65 rating allowing for full outdoor use regardless of poor weather conditions. To that end the FS16 Z features a fanless design giving completely silent operation for sound sensitive environments such as theaters or television.

The direct vertical hanging and standing options are one of the key features to create stunning designs and effects with less rigging effort.

No matter the application, the FUSION Stick FS16 Z is the right choice.

Light Source

  • 16 x 20W RGBW LED’s
  • 20,000 lifetime hours

Optical System

  • Motorized zoom with 8° to 40° beam angle
  • Zoom ratio 1:5
  • Optional diffusor lenses available
  • Output 5890 lumens


  • 0-100% electronic dimmer
  • Regular and random strobe, and pulse effects
  • Selectable dimmer curves
  • Full RGBW color mixing
  • Virtual color wheel with 39 colors
  • Color temperature control from 2500K – 8000K


  • Protocol – DMX and RDM
  • 4 button OLED display
  • Built in 3 Layer Effects Engine
  • Static scene capture
  • 4 control modes


  • 100-240 VAC/50-60hz, auto ranging electronic switch-mode power supply
  • Max. power consumption 450W 


  • XLR 5-pin in and out
  • Neutrik powerCON True1 in and out

Operating Conditions 

  • Convection cooled
  • Maximum ambient temperature 104°F (40°C)
  • Minimum ambient temperature 14°F (-10°C)

Mounting Options

  • 2 pairs of 1/4 turn locks
  • 2 eyelets for safety wire attachment
  • Mounts in any orientation
  • Min. distance to combustible materials – 18.7 inches / 0.5 meters
  • Min. distance to illuminated surfaces – 18.7 inches / 0.5 meters


  • Housing color – Black
  • Housing material – Aluminum
  • IP65 housing

Dimensions and weight

  • Height: 9.3 inches / 236mm
  • Width: 40.6 inches / 1,023mm
  • Length: 3.5 inches / 90mm
  • Weight: 18.66 lbs. / 13kg
    Height without bracket: 181 mm / 7.12 ins.
    Width: 90 mm / 3.54 ins.
    Depth: 1006 mm / 39.60 ins.)
    Weight: 12.5 kg (27.6 lbs.) 


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Fixture Libraries

ZIPIcon GLP Fusion FS16Z MA2 Rev20210422


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