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Since its introduction, the impression 90 has taken the world by storm and set a standard for LED wash lighting. All units come as standard with 10 degree fixed beam optics, but both 25 degree and 40 degree lenses are available.

Innovation rules in this fixture:

Smaller – No base unit and able to be placed anywhere without being obtrusive, allowing more lights to be packed into smaller truck spaces.

Lighter – A weight of just 16 lbs. (7.5 kg) allows the impression to be mounted in many more places without having to sacrifice for a lower output fixture.

Faster – solid state LEDs give instant lighting changes to match with video and it’s compact size and weight, the impression can move at incredible speeds too – 660° of pan in just 2 seconds.

Brighter – 90 powerful K2 LEDs ensure pure bright light in every version – RGB or white – with output levels exceeding that of 575 Watt discharge fixtures. Additionally, the impression produces beautiful smooth even fields of color when mixing through all color shades in the RGB version or from one color temperature to another in the white versions.

All impression fixtures are available to purchase in a flight case direct from the factory. Small and compact, these cases provide ultimate protection for the impression and contain storage space for clamps, lenses, cables, and other accessories.



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rgb2 wwc2 wcc2 luxeon k2 led

Light Source

  • Additive color mixing
  • 90 Luxeon K2 high power LEDs
  • Average service life: 50,000 hours



  • DMX-512 protocol
  • Three DMX modes available, using up to 14 channels
  • Back lit graphic LCD menu with 4 illuminated buttons
  • Very quiet, temperature controlled ventilation system
  • Convection cooling possible if needed
  • Over temperature protection
  • Color calibration feature
  • Internal color presets



  • DMX: XLR 3 pin
  • Mains voltage: Neutrik Powercon


Power Supply

  • Power consumption: 350 VA (Watt)
  • Power input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz (wide range input)
  • Fuse protection: micro fuse 5x20mm, T 4A


Operating Conditions

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 113°F (45°C)


Mounting Options

  • Omega bracket attachment
  • 2 attachment points for safety wire
  • Upright : tripod (supplied) with brackets for ratchet belt
  • Hanging (vertical): M10 nut with lockable installation position for a half coupler or other clamp
  • Hanging (horizontal): adjustable bar for sideways truss installation (optional)


Optical System

  • Highly efficient collimator cluster
  • Interchangeable lens carrier with 10° beam angle (25° and 40° optional)
  • Wave lengths are optimized for maximum visible color gamut
  • Integrated spill ring



  • 8 or 16 bit resolution selectable
  • Position feedback
  • Maximum speed: 660° pan in 2 seconds, 300° tilt in 1 second
  • High precision stepper motor control


Shutter/ Dimmer

  • Strobe effect with variable speed between 1-10 flashes per second, random-strobe, pulse effects
  • Continuous dimmer 0-100%


Available Versions

  • RGB – 30 red, 30 green, 30 blue LEDs
  • WCC – 30 warm white (3200 Kelvin), 60 cold white (7200 Kelvin), allow continuously adjustable color temperature
  • WWC – 60 warm white (3200 Kelvin), 30 cold white (7200 Kelvin), allow continuously adjustable color temperature
  • CCA – 60 cold white (7200 Kelvin), 30 amber LEDs
  • All versions available as either motorized or static fixture


Recessed Version

  • Recessed version available for mounting in suspended ceilings
  • All versions available as either motorized or static fixture



  • ETL safety approved
  • US safety approved: UL 1573 and UL 8750
  • Canadian safety approved: CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 166


Housing Colors

  • Standard colors are black, silver, and white
  • For other colors please contact sales department



  • Cardboard box
  • 4-way tour pack (complete with half couplers and additional lenses) in flight case
  • 6-way tour pack (complete with half couplers and additional lenses) in flight case



  • Length x width x height (head vertical): 5.7 in. x 13.4 in. x 14.6 in. (145 mm x 340 mm x 370 mm)


Net Weight

  • 16.5 lbs. (7.5kg)


PDFIconimpression 90 White Amber DMX V1.4

PDFIconImpression 90 WhiteAmber Manual V1.5 EN

PDFIconimpression 90 WWC-CCW Static DMX V1.0

PDFIconimpression 90 WWC-CCW Static Manual V1.00

PDFIconimpression 90 White Amber Static DMX V1.0

PDFIconimpression 90 White Amber Static Manual V1.00

PDFIconimpression 90 RGB Static DMX V1.0

PDFIconImpression 90 RGB Static Manual V1.00_EN

PDFIconimpression 90 RGB DMX V1.17

PDFIconImpression 90 RGB Manual V1.26 EN

PDFIconimpression 90 WWC-CCW DMX V1.02

PDFIconimpression 90 WWC-CCW Manual V1.04


PDFIconimpression 90 Dimensions

ZIPIconVectorworks GLP Library_v2014

ZIPIconimpression 90 2000 CAD File (zipped .dwg)

ZIPIconimpression 90 2004 CAD File (zipped .dwg)










PDFIconimpression 90 Specifications