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The Scan Operator FX II features a simple-to-operate interface which allows control of up to 12 moving lights, each with up to 16 control channels. Built upon a solid and reliable hardware platform which has fail-safe memory in case of sudden power loss, the Scan Operator FX II supports a massively powerful software engine allowing fast programming of complex effects and scenes.

Within this software, the Scan Operator FX II includes an extremely powerful movement effects engine capable of creating dynamic effects quickly and simply.

In total, 12 different movement patterns are available, such as circles, sine waves, and triangles, all of which can be programmed in up to 240 scenes. Each pattern can be individually customized to the fixtures and effect that you want to achieve with parameter control over effect size, speed, phase and more. Phase control of each pattern also allows for wave and offset effects to be created.

The Scan Operator FX II contains a simple yet intuitive user interface. Encoder wheels and direct timing faders add to the straightforward layout of the user buttons for maximum functionality.

The Scan Operator FX II features 6 overlay scenes, each with its own hotkey. Each overlay scene can be programmed to override either all or some of the DMX output channels and is ideal for use as a special effect. Whether you want blinders to take over, strobes to kick in, a solo beam to appear, or any other kind of effect. The overlay scenes allow you to do it at the press of a single button.

Other convenient functions include an Auto-start mode which makes the controller boot up into a specified playback sequence immediately upon start-up, ideal for permanent installations or fixed environments. In addition, there is a desk lock function to prevent unauthorized access to your programming.

Along with live operation, the Scan Operator FX II can also be fully triggered by an audio input or by a MIDI signal in order to support musicians or DJ’s directly and give them great presentation possibilities without losing any edge of control.



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Features Overview

  • Controls up to 12 moving lights, each with up to 16 channels
  • Powerful movement effects engine
  • 240 scene memories
  • 6 chase masters, each with up to 250 steps
  • Full timing control of all parameters
  • Additional overlay pages give instant access to prerecorded override states
  • Encoder wheels give direct movement access
  • Full audio and MIDI control from external sources
  • Easy intuitive layout with LCD display
  • Power fail safe memory


Hardware Connections

  • XLR 3 pin output for DMX protocol
  • MIDI connector for MIDI input
  • Power input DC 9V, 500mA



  • Direct control over each fixture parameter
  • Fade time reaction can be enabled/disabled for each parameter individually
  • Each DMX channel can be individually inverted
  • 6 chase masters can be programmed with up to 250 scenes
  • Powerful effects engine featuring;
    • 12 different movement patterns (circle, sine wave, sawtooth, triangle, …)
    • Effects are configurable in type, size, speed and phase (‘Create Wave’ button easily creates different kinds of wave pattern)
    • ‘Randomize’ function easily creates asymmetric movement patterns
  • 6 programmable overlay scenes to instantly override controller output for special effects
  • DMX freeze function
  • Easy mode which simulates a simple 120 channel fader unit for testing and triggering of other controllers



  • DMX 512 protocol
  • Controller can be triggered manually, via timing, external music source (internal microphone) or MIDI
  • Desk lock function
  • Auto start mode which recalls and continues controller output status at power on
  • User configurable blackout function
  • Transfer data between other Scan Operator FX II controllers



  • Table top
  • Can also be mounted into a 19” rack



  • Designed to US safety standards UL 1573 and UL 8750
  • Designed to Canadian safety standard CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 166



  • (L x W x H)
    • 6.9 in. x 18.8 in. x 2.9 in. (17.6 cm x 48.2 cm x 73 cm)
  • Uses 4U height when mounted in a 19 in. rack


  • 5.5 lbs. (2.5kg)

Manuals & Diagrams

PDFIconScan Operator FX II – Manual V1.5 English

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