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Scenex Lighting’sDrixl is an efficient, dependable, user-friendly pixel driver used to effortlessly manage a vast array of pixel LEDs.


Scenex Lighting’s Drixl simplifies the pixel control process. The Drixl driver connects effortlessly to any computer via USB or can be controlled via industry-standard sACNE1.31 and Art-Net, controlling over 45IC pixel protocols and with additional protocols being updated regularly. Additionally, each Drixl driver can manage up to 12 Universes. Drixl operates pixels within a 5-24V range and is also compatible with USB power. Through a unique Drixl Network IP address, users can access a settings interface allowing more defined control and configuration. Features include device naming, network addressing, SPI output assignment, output configuration, LED channel order, channel offset, channels per a universe, output intensity limitations, system resets, etc. The flexibility of Drixl in such a unique system, allow ease of integration into the most complex of projects. Giving you, the designer, the ability to illuminate your imagination.

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