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Take any five colors of non-pixel LED tape, plug it into this driver and now the tape can light up. You’ll still need a power supply (not included) and the tape, this driver is the key operating piece needed to turn your LED non-pixel tape on. Rugged, well thought out, and well designed, the LEDDRV5CHAN is the perfect tool for any non-pixel LED tape needs.

Scenex Lighting 5 channel drivers are perfect for any 12 and 24 Volt RGB, Warm White, and Cool White LED non-pixel tape needs. Depending on which signal cable is needed, they have connection inputs via a Neutrik 5 Pin DMX and RJ45 ethernet in and through, allowing the ability to daisy chain multiple drivers on a single signal run. Each of the drivers 5 channel outputs provide constant voltage at 8 amps per output (40 amps total) . Scenex lighting drivers are encased in a robust metal housing ensuring gear is manufactured to be durable and long lasting for continuous use .

The Scenex driver feature remote device management, RDM, capabilities, so you can monitor these drivers in real time. Perfect for troubleshooting and maintaining your systems infrastructure, saving valuable time and resources on the fly.

You demanded, we listened, for a navigation-friendly numeric LCD digital display with control buttons to quickly set the system DMX address, output channel quantity, PWM resolution (8-bit 0r 16-bit), PWM frequency, and Gamma ray dimming curve values.

As an industrial level DMX512 & RDM controller, it features both a DMX decoder and DMX master capabilities. Making it incredibly easy to switch between master mode and decoder mode. Each driver has full up to date support of the latest DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A and RDM V1.0 (E1.20 – 2006 ESTA Standard) protocols.

When in master mode, the 5 channel driver can control RGB(WW)CW LED lighting with 8 levels of varying, adjustable brightness. With 32 built-in programs for static colors or dynamic color changing patterns, there are also 16 settings changing levels of adjustable speed.

For more information, specification sheets and manuals, refer to the Features and Downloads tab section on this page.

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Key Features

  • Industrial level DMX512 & RDM LED controller
  • High temperature resistance numeric digital display, user-friendly interface
  • Durable and long-lasting metal outer shell
  • 8A 5 channels constant voltage output
  • Abundant DMX signal input and output port design: XLR 5pin, XLR 3pin, RJ45, Screw DMX
  • DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A, RDM V1.0 (E1.20 – 2006 ESTA Standard)
  • RDM bi-directional communication function

Features Under Master Mode

  • 32 programs for RGB static or color changing patterns
  • Control and adjust color temperature of CW and WW dual color LEDs
  • 8 levels of RGB brightness adjustment
  • 16 Levels of pattern changing speed adjustment

Features Under Slave Mode

  • Total 5 PWM output channels, common anode
  • Set DMX channel quantity from 1CH to 5CH 
  • Enable DMX512 master console to detect decoder, display decoder information and set DMX address
  • DMX control over each of the five color channels 16bit and 8bit switchable, default setting is 16bit
  • 10 levels of PWM output frequency optional from 500Hz-30kHz, default setting is 1kHz
  • Decoding modes optional, enable to adjust brightness of each channel, master brightness of all channels and strobe effects, default mode is dp1.1
  • Gamma ray curves value adjustable from 0.1-9.9, logarithmic dimming and linear dimming optional


PDFIcon PDF Scenex 5 Channel DMX Driver