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Scenex Lighting Pixel LED tape drivers are all in one solutions for controlling LED Pixel tape and pixel strings. Scenex Lightings’ LED Drivers utilize industry standard sACN E1.31 and Art-Net protocols to control a wide range of pixel types, additionally each output is configurable to control multiple DMX universes.

The PP4 Pixel Tape Driver features a fully auto sensing power supplies, ranging from 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Additionally power injection ports are standard to accommodate extended lengths of LED tape.

Outputs are individually fused to protect against the possibility of damage to the main driver.

For control, an intuitive web server is built in for easy setup of the pixel type, universe and additionally DMX address for each individual port. Other features include pixel grouping, universe spanning, RGB color order and more.



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PP4 Features

  • Simplified wiring, each output supplies data and power to pixels over a single cable
  • Control of multiple pixel strings simultaneously
  • Any output can drive any number of pixels over multiple universes, up to the full capacity of the driver
  • Control of up to 2,040 individual pixels using Unicast E1.31 or Art-Net, and 1,190 pixels using Multicast E1.31
  • Universe assignment up to 12 universes
  • Ethernet connection eliminates need for hardware “dongles” and special data wiring
  • Power and Ethernet present indicators
  • All configuration and status reporting is done using the built in web server
  • Temporary IP address override for built in web server access
  • Advanced configuration options included RGB color order, string length, pixel grouping, pixel type, reversed and zig-zag strings, ‘null’ pixels, DMX addressing range, universe spanning, gamma correction, and more
  • Data and power outputs are individually fused
  • Built in test patterns

PP4 Specifications

  • 4 output ports utilize data and power via standard 4 pin XLR connectors
  • Supported pixels include: LPD6803, LPD880x, WS2801, TM180x, TLS3001, CYT3005, DMS9813, WS2811, 1903, 9813, WS2801
  • Power output: 5V DC / 40 Amp output
  • Power input: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 2 additional power injection ports
  • Durable steel casing
  • 1U rackmount
  • 2 x clamp attachment points
  • Forced air cooling
  • Operating temperature: 32°- 104° F  (0° – 40° C)


  • 1.75″ x 17.25″ x 8.25″   (4.5 cm x 44 cm x 21 cm)


  • 8 lbs.  (3.7 kg)



PDFIconPP4 Controller Operating Manual


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