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Scenex Lighting has several low voltage power supplies available to use in conjunction with Scenex LED tape. The PSUs are small and lightweight, making them easy to blend in with LED tape and Scenic element designs. 

The Low Voltage power supplies from Scenex Lighting represent the complete design package that Scenex provides, with the Origin Networking Series and LED lighting solutions, Scenex has everything required to make sure a design comes together.

Power Supplies

Part Numbers – 5v Freestanding

  • Part number S-100-5, 5 Volt, 100 Watts
  • Part number S-200-5, 5 Volt, 200 Watts

Part Numbers – 12V Freestanding

  • Part number S-60-12, 12 Volt, 60 Watts
  • Part number S-100F-12, 12 Volt, 102 Watts
  • Part number S-150-12, 12 Volt, 150 Watts
  • Part number S-240-12, 12 Volt, 216 Watts
  • part number S-48-48-12PLUG, 12V, 48Watts (plug-in LED power supply,110VAC)

Part Numbers – 24V Freestanding

  • Part number S-60-24, 24 Volt, 60 Watts
  • Part number S-100F-24, 24 Volt, 108 Watts
  • Part number S-150-24, 24 Volt, 150 Watts
  • Part number S-240-24, 24 Volt, 240 Watts



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Data Sheet

PDFIcon  Scenex – LED Power Supplies – Technical Specifications